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About the centre


Who we are

VUL Santaros klinikos Centre of Dermatovenereology is the largest centre in Lithuania that provides the highest quality of Dermatovenereology services. It is comprised of the outpatient department, day care centre and an inpatient department (with 25 beds). Diseases of the skin, skin appendages and mucous membranes are diagnosed and treated in this Centre. Educational activities and researches are continuously ongoing. Around 20 000 patients visit our Centre from the whole country.

Complex diagnostics and specific treatments are employed here: photo (chemo) therapy, cryotherapy, photodynamic therapy, biologic therapy.

What makes us special

 Our Centre of Dermatovenereology actively participates in and coordinates the annual Euro-melanoma event. It is a charity event held in Lithuania that is meant to help to fight skin cancer and melanoma. We also organise annual educational World Psoriasis Day campaign.

Currently, we are developing an innovative tele-dermatology service that is meant to provide the service for other specialists working in other regions, to discuss and seek advice of our Dermatovenereologists working in our Centre and evaluate the need to call patients in for more detailed testing and faster assistance.

The personnel of our Centre actively participate in the activity of the Lithuanian Association of Dermatovenereologists (LDVD), Baltic Association of Dermatovenereologists (BADV) and the European Academy of Dermatology and Venereology (EADV). Every year, they improve their qualifications in the best European clinics, worldwide congresses and conferences. Doctors give lectures and presentations in Lithuanian and English; are broad members of various organisations.                                    

Scientists and doctors from our Centre participate in clinical trials of new medication and informational technologies.

What can we offer to patients

Our Centre provides the highest quality of Dermatovenerology services. We diagnose and treat:

  • all diseases of the skin, skin appendages and mucous membranes
  • rare and difficult dermatoses
  • skin manifestations of systemic diseases
  • precancerous and cancerous skin diseases
  • sexually transmitted infections

We diagnose skin diseases not only with scientific and practical knowledge of consultants with long-term experience, but also with modern diagnostic equipment that includes: conventional and digital dermoscopy; consulting boards are organised when necessary. In order to determine the diagnosis, we obtain specimens for microscopy and culture, perform skin biopsies, allergic skin testing (patch tests with various allergen series).

We diagnose and treat benign, precancerous and malignant skin lesions of the skin and skin appendages. Benign, precancerous skin lesions and warts are removed with liquid nitrogen (cryotherapy), electro-surgery or laser surgery. Both day and conventional photodynamic therapy are more commonly employed in therapy. Surgery is performed when necessary.

Our Centre also provides innovative laser and aesthetic dermatology services.

What can we offer to the medical community

One of the top priorities in the Centre of Dermatovenerology is the involvement in clinical trials that promote medical innovations, providing patients with treatment based on the newest advancements in technology.

This Centre actively participates in the activity of Lithuanian Association of Dermatovenereologists (LDVD), organises scientific and practical conferences with local and international speakers.

Our Centre of Dermatovenereology belongs to Vilnius University Faculty of Medicine, Institute of Clinical Medicine, Clinic of Infectious and Chest Diseases, Dermatovenereology and Allergology. Centre of Dermatovenereology provides advisory support to other healthcare facilities, carries out scientific researches, trains healthcare professionals in undergraduate and postgraduate programmes. Vilnius University students of medicine, dentistry and public health are taught dermatovenereology. Around 300 students are trained in our Centre every year.

Local dermatovenereologists and doctors of other specialties constantly undertake clinical attachments / observerships in this Centre. Around 60 doctors participate in these programmes every year. Centre of Dermatovenereology is one of the two dermatovenereology residency training centres in Lithuania.

We closely collaborate with clinics in other countries and participate in international resident exchange programmes.

History of the Centre

An independent Skin and Venereal Disease Clinic at Vilnius University was established in 1942. And was led by prof. A. Gulbinas until 1951. Afterwards it was integrated into Propaedeutic of Internal Diseases department while retaining Skin and Venereal Diseases speciality, led by prof. J. Lelis.

In 1967, Skin and Venereal Diseases speciality was transferred to the Centre of Neurology and Psychiatry and in 1988 - to the General Therapy Clinic, which was reorganised to the General Therapy and Rheumatology Clinic in 1992. Prof. J. Lelis was the head of Skin and Venereal Diseases speciality until 1993 and was then replaced by prof. G. Baleviciene. The clinic trained dermatovenereology interns and residents and was supervised by habil. dr. I. Taletiene, dr. G.S. Lapinskaite, assoc. prof. I. Marciukaitiene.

In 1999, the Senate of Vilnius University decided to re-establish the Clinic of Dermatovenereology in the National Hospital of Skin and Venereal Diseases. The training of students and residents was transferred there. In the same year, the National Hospital of Skin and Venereal Diseases was merged with Vilnius University Hospital Santariskiu (Santaros) klinikos. This established thorough and complex examination of patients with skin diseases and allowed to employ the newest modern methods of diagnostics and treatment. Following reorganisation of Vilnius University Faculty of Medicine, the Clinic of Dermatovenereology was renamed to the Centre of Dermatovenereology, which was run by assoc. prof. dr. I. Marciukaitiene until October, 2007. Prof. dr. M. Bylaite-Bucinskiene was the head of the centre until October 1st, 2016. Currently, the Centre is run by dr. J. Grigaitiene. Centre of Dermatovenereology is part of the Clinic of Infectious and Chest Diseases, Dermatovenereology and Allergology. 

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