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Vilnius University Hospital Santariskiu Klinikos (Santariškių Klinikos) is one of the major hospitals in Lithuania encompassing the provision of medical care in almost all key areas.


Vilnius University and the Lithuanian Ministry of Health are the founders of Santariškių Klinikos. The activities of the Hospital encompasses practical and scientific medicine, education of students and residents, continuing professional training of medical specialist.
Santariškių Klinikos is currently oriented towards five priority scientific and clinical activity trends:
1. Heart and vascular medicine;
2. Transplantology;
3. Oncohematology,  oncology and surgical oncology;
4. Radiology and nuclear medicine;
5. Children’s diseases and rehabilitation.
The trends mentioned encourage the development, expansion and fostering of the advanced and leading complex of health care, educational and scientific institutions. The first steps were made: since 1 May 2011 Vilnius University Children’s Hospital (, National Centre of Pathology ( and Republican University Hospital of Infectious Diseases and Tuberculosis ( have become the affiliates of Santariškių Klinikos.
Santariškių Klinikos has a staff of 5168 employees, including 331 doctors of medical science and 40 habilitated doctors of medical science. Annual provision of around 800,000 ambulatory consultations at Santariškių Klinikos is witnessed. At the hospital of 2373 beds about 83,000 patients undergo treatment and some 30,000 complex operations are performed.
Santariškių Klinikos contains an extensive basis for specialist training and regular improvement of their skills. It has succeeded in creating the best conditions for medical students and residents enabling them to start immediate clinical studies since their third year of education.
The operations of Santariškių Klinikos are targeted at each patient. For the purpose, the so-called one-box principle has been implemented with all services provided to a patient in a single medical establishment. Here unique opportunities for multi-profile consultations exist.
Santariškių Klinikos have 28 centres (can find in Centers and departments).  After the reconstruction of the Admission and Emergency Department short-term patient monitoring services with possible rendering of some intervention procedures, if necessary, are provided.
At Santariškių Klinikos, heart, cornea, simultaneous, kidney, liver as well as relative and non-relative donor bone-marrow transplantations are performed. Even 85 percent of all organ and tissue transplantations in our country are carried out at the Santariškių Klinikos.
Santariškių Klinikos possesses unique opportunities for diagnosis and treatment of various oncologic diseases and their complications. It sites the developed pathology service and powerful centres of radiology and nuclear medicine.
In Lithuania the only Santariškių Klinikos is involved in the provision of children’s oncohematology and bone marrow transplantation services.
Santariškių Klinikos holds entrepreneurship of hybrid operations in Lithuania. Santariškių Klinikos takes the lead in the Baltic and East European countries in the field of children’s heart surgery and vascular, heart transplantations and mechanical heart implantation.
More information about specific medical fields you can find in Centers and departments.
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